Harmonious Exchange Project

In the Spring of 2015, Jeremy Danneman and Parade of One, Inc. hosted Rwandan musician Sophie Nzayisenga in New York City. Sophie is the only professional, female inanga player in the world, and the inanga is a string instrument so rare there isn’t even a wikipedia page about it. Danneman and Nzayisenga recorded at least two albums worth of material with bandmates William Parker and Tim Keiper, performed at multiple farmer’s markets in New York City, performed and lectured at three public schools, appeared live on WFMU and WKCR, and performed in local venues, Silvana and the Why Not? Jazz Room as part of the Why Not? Experiment Series.

Jeremy, Sophie, William Parker, and Tim Keiper: Excerpt for Spring 2015 recording –

Live at the Why Not? Jazz Room: