Jeremy loves giving presentations to schools and community groups about Parade of One’s worldwide activities. His presentation includes brief history lessons about Rwanda, Vietnam and Cambodia and tells the story of how and why he decided to play music on the streets in those regions, how he was received and other lessons from the experience. The presentation includes two to three musical pieces, interspersed with a slideshow that helps illustrate the Parade of One story and can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to one hour.

Jeremy has delivered this presentation at a number of different institutions on three different continents, and for a number of purposes. In one instance, the theme was “taking risks,” in another case the purpose was to help Jewish high school students relate to Africa. In short, this presentation-peformance is flexible enough to accomodate many different types of institutions and events. Past venues have included New York University, Baltimore County Community College, the Ramaz School (Manhattan), the Seametry School (Cambodia), Helping Hand Saigon’s English Club, Kimisagara Youth Center (Kigali), Royal University of Fine Arts (Cambodia,) a Rotary Club and more. Jeremy has given lectures both as a keynote speaker and as a volunteer.

If you are interested in a small sample, please click on the name, Jeremy Danneman, at this link

The presentation is mostly appropriate for people ages 10 to 120, due to the nature of some of the world events which are discussed.

Rates are flexible. For more information, please email jeremy@paradeofone.org.