Jeremy Danneman


Jeremy Danneman is a saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer based in New York City. He is most well-known for his albums, released on Ropeadope Records, and his work as Founder of the Parade of One Project, which is an organization that engages the international community with a unique blend of performance in public spaces, recording, and educational programming.

Danneman has performed internationally in Tokyo, Berlin, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Dominican Republic, and has contributed to recordings with bands including the Mysterium Electric Soundpainting Septet, the New York Soundpainting Orchestra, El Pueblo, and Ulysses. Other notable musical collaborators include William Parker, Tim Keiper, Anders Nilsson, Sophie Nzayisenga, and Arn Chorn-Pond. Danneman has also performed and composed music for multiple films, including Rwanda 15 directed by Kivu Ruhorahoza, which documents Danneman’s street performances in Rwanda in 2009 and has screened on three continents, including its world premier at the 2010 Zanzibar International Film Festival and the 2011 Vision Festival in New York City. As an educator, Danneman has given guest lectures for the Ramaz High School (Manhattan,) The Royal University of Fine Arts (Cambodia,) the faculty of Baltimore County Community College, and more. He is currently a teaching artist for Midori and Friends. Danneman holds a BA in British and American Literature from New York University.


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